NSX 6.4 Now Available!

The long anticipated NSX 6.4.0 (build number 7564187) has finally been released. There is a long list of new features that I’ll hopefully cover in more depth in a future post. For now, here are a few highlights:

  • Layer-7 Distributed Firewall – The DFW now supports some layer-7 application context.
  • IDFW – The IDFW now supports user sessions via RDP.
  • HTML5 – Some of the new functionality is done in HTML5. You can see the supported functions here.
  • New Upgrade Coordinator – A single portal that simplifies the upgrade process! More on this later.
  • New HTML5 dashboard – The new NSX default home page.
  • System Scale – A new dashboard that helps you to monitor maximums and supported scale parameters.
  • Single Click Support Bundles – An awesome feature that GSS will appreciate!
  • API Improvements – Now supporting JSON and XML for formatting.
  • NSX Edge Enhancements – Many improvements to BGP, NAT and faster HA failovers.

I think most people will agree that the new L7 firewall is the most exciting new feature. This really takes micro segmentation to the next level and provides features that were only possible with 3rd party add-on products in the past.

I think it’s also important to note that there are many bug fixes in NSX 6.4.0. Not only does it provide many new features, but it fixes bugs found in earlier releases. There are over 33 bug fixes alone in the NSX 6.4.0 release!

Relevant links:

Stay tuned for more info! Martijn Smit at vmguru.com (@smitmartijn) did a great post for those looking for more info on some of the new features!

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